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Distinguished Service Award

Austin, Texas - The Texas Historical Commission (THC) honors the Bell County Historical Commission (CHC) with a Distinguished Service Award for the 2013 year of service.  The THC issues Distinguished Service Awards each year to CHCs that demonstrate concerted efforts to preserve the history and character of Texas.  This award was presented during a meeting of the county commissioner's court on July 7, 2014 to acknowledge the CHCs stewardship of our state's unique cultural and historic sites.
"The Texas Historical Commission honors the Bell County Historical Commission for their dedicated service to the state of Texas," said THC Executive Director Mark Wolfe.  "We commend these hardworking individuals for their efforts to save Texas history and look forward to promoting their accomplishments throughout the year."
Texas CHCs reported more than 3,500 appointees for the 2013 year of service who contributed more that 441,000 volunteer hours; this in-kind donation to the state of Texas carries a monetary value of more than $10 million.  The THC empowers CHCs across the state through programs and services that preserve Texas' heritage for the education, enjoyment, and economic benefit of present and future generations.  The THC's advisory role to CHCs is outlined in the Texas Local Government Code, the statute that allows county commissioners courts to establish CHCs.  These unpaid appointees, as directed by county officials, initiate and conduct programs that preserve historic and cultural resources.  CHC achievements include the preservation of countless historic buildings, artifacts, and other cultural icons of Texas history.
For more information about the Distinguished Service Award, visit or contact the History Program's Division at 512-463-5853.