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Record Searches

Civil, *Criminal, or Probate Records - $5.00 per name per record searched.  Out-of-state checks are not accepted.

Federal Tax Liens - $10.00 per name per record searched.  Out-of-state checks are not accepted.

*Criminal Misdemeanor Record Search.  A record search provides a positive or negative result as to the existence of a criminal case(s).  Documentation of the existence of the case will be provided.  Instruments associated with a case are available for an additional charge and must be specifically requested. Fees are as follows:

Record Search Fee  -  $5.00
Copies of instruments associated with case  -  $1.00 per page
Certified copies of instruments - $1.00 per case

Criminal Misdemeanor Record Index is now available online at iDocket, click on the below image to visit iDocket.  Please contact the County Clerk's Office with a record search form and cause/case number to obtain instruments associated with a case.

Mail Record Search Request Form and Payment to:

Bell County Clerk's Office
Attn:  Criminal Record Search
P.O. Box 480
Belton, Texas  76513

Misdemeanor Record Search Form

Civil/Probate Court Records
(254) 933-5174

Criminal Court Records
(254) 933-5161

Property Records/Recordings
(254) 933-5171

Vital Statistic Records
(Death, Birth, Marriage, DD214 & Assumed Name Certificates)
(254) 933-5165

Fax Numbers:
(254) 933-5176 
(254) 933-6072 - Vital Statistics