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Office of Court Administration Reports

Appointments and Fees Report

Statutes and Rules -
Chapter 36, Texas Government Code

Requires the clerk of each court in the state to prepare a report every month on court appointments made and any fees paid for an
  • attorney ad litem
  • guardian ad litem
  • guardian
  • mediator or
  • competency evaluator

in any case with the following exceptions:

  • a mediation conducted by an alternative dispute resolution system established under Ch. 152, Civil Practice and Remedies Code
  • information made confidential under state or federal law, including applicable rules (e.g., judicial bypass cases)
  • a guardian ad litem or other person appointed under a program authorized by Sec. 107.031, Family Code (volunteer advocates in child protection cases)
  • an attorney ad litem, guardian ad litem, amicus attorney, or mediator appointed under a domestic relations office established under Ch. 203, Family Code.

Monthly reports must be submitted for each court whether or not there was activity to report for the month.  Click on the link below for the report.  

 February 2017 Appointments Report  Fees Report
 January 2017 Appointments Report   Fees Report 
 December 2016 Appointments Report  Fees Report
 November 2016 Appointments Report  Fees Report
 October 2016 Appointments Report  Fees Report
 September 2016 Appointments Report  Fees Report