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Out of State Vehicle Registration Procedures and Requirements for Vehicles to be Titled and Registered in Texas

In order to acquire license plates in Texas, the vehicle must be titled in this state.  To title a vehicle, some of the following forms may be needed to complete the process:

The links above are in "PDF" format.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Quick Link and you will be taken to the Adobe Reader download site.

The correct form(s) from above properly filled out should be  submitted to the Bell County Tax Assessor-Collector together with the required fees and documentary evidence as outlined below:

  • New/unregistered vehicles:  A manufacturer's certificate of origin.
  • Used vehicle:  The original certificate of title.  If the title is not in the applicants name, it must be properly assigned to the new owner with the seller's signature.
  • All new, out-of-state, and unregistered Texas titled vehicles will be registered for a 12 month period with registration fees figured as of date of application.  This includes motorcycles, travel trailers, trailers, farm trucks, and farm trailers.
  • The law requires that all vehicles registered in this state from another must have an inspection.  Inspection requirements for out-of-state vehicles allow for self-certification for obtaining Texas title under the following situations:

    1. Application involving apportioned vehicles. 
    2. Applications from military personnel who are Texas residents whose duty stations are located outside the state.
    3. Applications from students who are Texas residents enrolled in out-of-state colleges or universities. 
    4. Application from Texas residents who are full-time recreational vehicle users who are temporarily out of state.

  • Military personnel may have their Provost Marshall complete the inspection certification form or may send a copy of their military orders which show them to be stationed out of state.

  • Students need to make a copy of their student ID, Tuition receipt, enrollment forms, etc.

  • Other Texas residents working out of state or RV users need to obtain permission from the Texas Department of Transportation to use the self-certification form.

  • Form VTR-272-B is to be used when an out-of-state title is surrendered.  Form VTR-272 is to be used when the out of state title is being held by a lien holder and an application for registration purposes only title is issued.
  • A completed odometer statement is required on all 1997 and newer models with transfer of ownership.  This statement is on most titles, or can be completed on Form 130-U title application.  Both seller and buyer would need to sign the form. 
E.  Fees:
  • In addition to the mentioned fees, the Bell County Tax Assessor-Collector cannot issue a registration or accept an application for title unless the Texas state sales, use, transfer or gift tax has been paid.  The law provides:

    1. If you are a resident of Texas and have not previously paid  a Texas sales tax on this vehicle, at 6 1/4% of the total consideration paid for the vehicle.  Less the allowed value of any motor vehicle "TRADED IN" and manufacturers rebate on vehicles purchased through a licensed dealer.

    2. For private-party sales of used motor vehicles, Tax Code Section 152.0412 requires that Standard Presumptive Value (SPV) be used to determine the tax base for calculating tax due.  The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will publish Standard Presumptive Value for all used motor vehicles.  

      The vehicle's sales price, if the purchaser paid 80% or more of the vehicle's Standard Presumptive Value;

      80% of the vehicle's Standard Presumptive Value, if the purchaser paid less than 80% of the vehicle's Standard Presumptive Value; or

      The vehicle's certified appraised value, if the purchaser paid less than 80% of the vehicle's Standard Presumptive Value and provides a certified appraisal.  Certified appraisals must be done within 20 county working days from date of purchase.  See attached for web site to download appraisal form. 

      A purchaser can check a used vehicle's Standard Presumptive Value on line at  The purchaser will need the vehicles mileage and vehicle identification number (VIN).

      Be aware that the vehicle's Standard Presumptive Value shown online on TxDMV's Web site is the full value, not 80%.

    3. If you have previously paid a sales tax or use tax on this vehicle in another state and can furnish evidence of such payment, you will be credited for the amount paid against the 6 1/4% tax you would normally owe the State of Texas.
  1. The form 130-U must be in the same name(s) reflected on the out-of-state title or in the name of the person(s) to whom the vehicle is legally assigned. 

  2. Blocks 1 through 13 are self explanatory; 13A is for additional social security numbers if title is in more than one name, (leave block 11 blank).  Block 14 must show the applicant's name(s) and address.  Block 16 must show the lien date and complete name and address, including the zip code of the lien holder if the vehicle is being financed.  If no lien, print the word "NONE" in the lien block.  Leave block 17 blank, 18 is for the odometer reading.  Block 20 is for the description of the vehicle traded in (if any).  Block 21 is for sales and use tax computation.  Block 22 is for signature of seller.  Block 23 is for purchase signature.

  3. The form 130-U must be completed by typewriter or printed using blue or black ink.  It is mandatory that all signatures be in blue or black ink. 
  1. The most common evidence of financial responsibility is a liability insurance card which is issued by the liability insurance company to the policy holder.  Other types of acceptable proof of current insurance include insurance policies, self-insurance of pool coverage documents, binders, and certificate of self-insurance, bond, etc.

    The original or a photocopy of the evidence of financial responsibility satisfies the requirement of proof at the time of registration.  All original insurance documentation will be returned to the registrant.


    • $30,000.00 because of bodily injury to or death of one person in any one accident. 
    • $60,000.00 because of bodily injury to or death of two or more persons in any one accident.
    • $25,000.00 because of property damage in one accident.
  • The fees can be paid through the mail with a money order, cashier's check, or personal check (on banks in Bell County only with driver's license number and phone number).  NO TEMPORARY CHECKS accepted.

Please note that we cannot accept the title with any alterations without a Statement of Fact for the change.  The title application form 130-U in block 6, 16, 18, 22, and 23 cannot have any changes; if so, you will need to complete a new form.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call us at (254) 933-5316, 933-5322, 933-5323, or 933-5731.