Description of Duties


The Contract Manager oversees multiple capital projects for construction of new facilities and the repair and renovation of existing facilities through the management and coordination of design professionals and contractors to ensure compliance with programmed budgets, schedules, plans, specifications, statutes, and regulations.  Manages multiple construction and remodel projects ranging in size from $0 to $5,000,000 each.  Supervises and manages Buildings and Grounds crews as needed in concert with the Director of Buildings and Grounds.  Facilitates the delivery of multiple projects on time and within budget.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develops technical specs, assists purchasing with bid documents, conducts pre-construction meetings, and analyzes bids and requisition work.
  2. Analyzes, develops, and administers the budget and procedures required to meet the goals of all assigned projects.
  3. Administers construction contracts, verifies payment submissions, and certifies amount of payment.
  4. Coordinates and checks structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings and specifications.
  5. Reviews all projects as assigned and writes job evaluations, oversees and approves time required.
  6. Meets with construction supervisor or acts as in-house supervisor to ensure compliance with project scope, budget, and schedules of assigned projects.
  7. Answers questions from the cities or public relating to County buildings.
  8. Reviews construction package with city and/or state regulatory departments for permitting purposes.
  9. Coordinates city inspector's schedule with contractors.
  10. Coordinates the work of contractors and in house staff to minimize disruptions in a department's work flow.
  11. Creates, maintains, and disperses reports, logs, spreadsheets, and other documentation as required and ensures those documents are complete and correct.
  12. Reviews, organizes, schedules, and monitors all phases of assigned projects including monitoring the performance and compliance to contracts of all consultants and contractors hired for a project.
  13. Attends continuing education classes and unscheduled meetings and addresses unexpected situations.
  14. Performs all other related duties as assigned.