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Welding & Cutting Torch Certification Class

Welding Class 1

Many of Bell County employees use gas and arc welders to accomplish their work assignments.  The Road and Bridge Department has a mixture of skilled laborers whose experience using the equipment range from entry level to very thorough ability.  After an employee had an eye injury while cutting rebar on a jobsite, it was evident we needed to formally train our employees to improve their knowledge of safe operations.

Welding class 2The County Engineer organized a safe welding and cutting manual composed from various welding handbooks and guidelines.  The Safety Officer conducted a one-hour safety certification presentation consisting of a review of the written material in the new Safety Manual, a written test, and a shop demonstration of the equipment.  Employees had to attend the meeting and pass the written test with a 70% grade in order to show they were competent to use the equipment on the job.  Those that failed the test were given time to study the manual and retake the written test at a later date.

welding class 3Forty-six employees attended and took the safety test on September 3, 2014.  Forty of the employees passed the test and have authorization to use the gas and arc welding gear.  The exams and record of attendance will be placed in their personnel files.  The list of authorized “welders” was submitted to the foremen and superintendent so they can monitor the use of equipment.

Safety of our employees is important in Bell County.  Our goal is to insure our employees understand safe practices and eliminate future accidents.  It was discovered we need to purchase some additional protective equipment for our worker’s safety.  Some of the feedback received from the employees will be incorporated into the new manual.

2013 Annual Safety Awards Presented

Congratulations to all Road & Bridge Employees that received their 2013 Annual Safety Award. Out of 90 currently active personnel, 72 received an Annual Safety Award for their dedication and accident free Year. 26 Employees were celebrated for being accident free for 7 years. These are pictured below. Congratulations and Keep up the great work!

yr award winners

Gold Star Winner

Bell County has earned a 2012 Gold Star Safety Award from the Texas Association of Counties(TAC) for its record of excellence in involvement and commitment to safety in the workplace, as well as for controlling workers' compensation claims.

Only nine Texas counties recieved the 2012 Gold Star Award, which is reserved for counties with the highest degree of safety commitment and sucess. TAC presented the awards Oct.28 during a ceremony at its 2013 Pool Symposium in San Marcos.

Bell County is one of approximately 300 governmental entities that collectively self-insure their workers' compensation through the TAC Risk Management Pool.The Association awards the prestigious Gold Star Award to only those Pool members that have demonstrated actions and implemented procedures recognized as proactive in total risk management.

Bell County has a strong safety culture. For many years, it has had one of the lowest experience modifiers in the TAC Risk Management Pool. Bell County's accident investigation program uncovers root causes to prevent accident reoccurrence. The phrase that best describes this county is "Best in Class."

"Making A Difference Award" Winner

This honor is awarded to those who have truly distinguished himself in the area of safety and Bobby Law has. He's take a proactive role to prevent needless accidents and injuries and he serves a positive role model to encourage safe work practices. Bell County's operations are safer because of Bobby Law.


2012 Annual Safety Awards Presented

Congratulations to all Road & Bridge Employees that received their 2012 Annual Safety Award. Out of 92 currently active personnel, 80 received an Annual Safety Award for their dedication and accident free Year. 37 Employees were celebrated for being accident free for 6 years. These are pictured below. Congratulations and Keep up the great work!

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