Juvenile Probation

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Court Unit

The Court Unit was established back in 1992 to allow the field officers to dedicate more time to supervising the children on their caseloads.  The court officer’s responsibility is to prepare all documents necessary to process a child through the court system in a timely and efficient manner.  Once the County Attorney’s Office has made the decision to prosecute a child, a petition is filed and a copy is forwarded to the court unit.  Upon receipt and review by the court unit coordinator, the case is then assigned to a court officer.

The court officer is then responsible for tracking the case and monitoring when the case will be set for pre-trial and a plea date.  The officer then coordinates a meeting with the family as soon as possible and schedules a social history interview  that the officer obtains copies of the birth certificate and social security cards, release of information forms signed by parents or guardians, and general information regarding the child and the family.

The court officer will also make a determination to see if a psychological assessment is needed for a particular child and will prepare a request as needed.  The court officer will also obtain copies of school records, medical records, prior placement records, and evaluations, police reports, restitution requests, and any other documents that may assist the court in its disposition of the case.

The court officer will coordinate with the field officer to staff the case and generate some recommendations for the court.  The court officer will serve a summons on occasion and will take a child into custody if ordered to do so by the court.  The court officer will ensure that all court documents are correct and complete before their distribution.  The court officer is familiar with facts of the case and will testify often in court.  The court officer will on occasion have to testify in criminal court regarding a suspect’s juvenile criminal history.  The court officers will prepare placement packets as necessary.  The court officers work closely with defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, doctors, school officials, and other professionals to get the job done.


Court Unit Contact:  Kristi Lloyd  -  (254) 933-5109