Bell County Cities to receive child safety fees


In fiscal year 2018, Bell County processed 285,263 vehicle registrations and with the approval of Commissioner's Court we collected $1.50 on each registration for the Child Safety Fee.   The fees are allocated based on a city’s population from the 2010 U.S. Census.  By Texas Statute, Bell County keeps 10% for Administration fees as well as the fees for the unincorporated areas.

“How does this compare to last year? Is this an increase or decrease?” Bell County Judge Jon Burrows asked.

This year’s totals saw an increase of around $8,000, Luedeke responded.

“This is something that the cities will have to do nothing other than you taking the money to them and use it for specified purposes,” Burrows said.

Cities are required to use the funds collected through the child safety fee on crossing guard programs, sidewalks or other child-focused programs. Most cities in Bell County tend to turn this money over to their school district.


Bell County cities will receive a piece of the $386,105.05 the county government collected from child safety fees assessed on vehicle registrations in the 2018 fiscal year. The funds are allocated on the city’s population from the last Census.

The 12 incorporated cities in the county will receive:

$158,778.80 to Killeen
$82,065.89 to Temple
$33,157.54 to Harker Heights
$22,605.67 to Belton
$5,275.94 to Nolanville
$5,160.41 to Morgan’s Point Resort
$2,657.22 to Salado
$2,426.16 to Little River-Academy
$2,002.55 to Bartlett
$1,925.53 to Troy
$1,501.91 to Rogers
$1,386.38 to Holland

Shay Luedeke
Tax Assessor-Collector
Bell County