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Temple - Northbound Exit Ramp Closure for Central Ave./Adams Ave.

Temple, Texas

Starting November 11, 2017 at 9:00 pm, the existing I-35 northbound exit ramp to Central Avenue/Adams Avenue/Downtown Temple (Exit #301) will close for reconstruction, as part of the ongoing rebuilding and expansion of I-35 through Temple.  (NOTE:  Access from the temporary northbound frontage road to Central Avenue will be maintained throughout the construction, in exactly the same location it is now.)

To access Central Avenue/Adams Avenue/Downtown, traffic will be directed by signs to take Exit #300/Avenue H/57th Street.  Traffic will remain on the northbound frontage road over the BNSF tracks, to Central Avenue.  The northbound frontage road from Exit #300 will be signed for continuous flow (frontage road traffic will have priority at the intersections - all stop signs at intersections along the road will require cross-traffic to yield to the frontage road traffic).

Central Avenue/Adams Avenue/Downtown can also be accessed by taking Exit #302/Nugent Avenue, and turning right onto Nugent Avenue.  (Nugent Avenue curves to the right just east of the highway, becoming 31st Street.  At 31st and Central Avenue, drivers may turn left as traffic signals permit, and continue on to downtown Temple from there.)

This closure will allow the contractor to demolish the existing elevated northbound mainlanes, complete all lanes of the new northbound frontage road, build the new northbound mainlanes, and construct the new, upgraded Central Avenue/Adams Avenue/Downtown exit ramp (about 700 feet south of the current location).  The old ramp must be removed at this time to provide access to northbound I-35 and allow the contractor to build the new frontage road.  TxDOT and contractor engineers expect the completion of the new ramp and access road to take approximately twelve months.

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