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Troy - FM 935/Main Street to Close Under I-35

Beginning at 7:00 pm, Friday, February 23, 2018, FM 935/Main Street under I-35 will close for approximately 7 days.  This closure will allow the contractor to remove the existing FM 935/Main Street bridge in preparation for building the new roadway and the new Texas turnarounds under I-35.

Northbound travelers wanting to go west on FM 935/Main Street will detour on to the northbound frontage road about one mile to the new North Troy crossing (Windmill Lane), U-turn onto the southbound frontage road and back to FM 935/Main Street.

Southbound travelers wanting to travel east on FM 935/Main Street will detour onto the southbound frontage road about one mile to the new South Troy crossing (Love's boulevard), U-turn onto the northbound frontage road and back to FM 935/Main Street.

Travelers are encouraged to watch for and obey all warning and detour signs as conditions in the construction area change.

Click Here for a map.

Additional Press Release Information

After the contractors close the bridge and put up the detour signs, the crossing will be completely closed for seven days while crews work around the clock to accomplish the following tasks:
  • Demolish the old bridge and clear the debris
  • Install new drainage structures (greatly increasing the drainage capacity in this area)
  • Finish filling in the old depressed section where the mainlane traffic used to be, so it is level with city streets
  • Pour temporary asphalt surface connecting FM 935/Main Street at each end and stripe it for two lanes, one lane in each direction
  • Construct a temporary pedestrian walkway connecting the two sides of the crossing

When the crossing re-opens in the temporary configuration, crews will be working alongside the temporary lanes to construct the first half of the new permanent lanes, a process expected to take about two weeks.  When the new lanes are complete, traffic will be moved onto the new permanent lanes and the temporary lanes will be replaced with the remaining new permanent lanes.  This part of the process is expected to take approximately another two weeks.  There will still be some work to do to connect the new roadway to the existing lanes on
FM 935/Main Street, and that will be done at night, so it will not be as disruptive for travel.