Bell County Maps   

Bell County Maps

These files may take several minutes to transfer.  The precinct lines are approximate representation and should not be used to accurately determine boundary lines.  The first digit of the precinct number (ex. the 2 in 204) indicates the commissioner's precinct on the voting precinct map.  Click on the file below to continue loading.

Bell County Road Map

Bell County Voting Precincts Map

Bell County Commissioner Precincts Map

Bell County Voting and Justice of the Peace Map

Bell County Fire District Map

Bell County School Districts Map

The Maps below were prepared by the Bell County Engineer's Office.  The maps are available in ARC-GIS format by contacting the office at 254-933-5275.

Traffic Map  -  2011/2013 Average Daily Traffic Counts on County Roads (pdf)

Telephone Company Map  -  Regions of Telephone Service (pdf)

Water Company Map  -  Regions of Water Supply Companies (interactive map)

Road Map - 2016 Bell County Road Map 

Low Water Crossings- Flood Prone Areas

ETJ Map - Bell County 2012 ETJ

City Limits Map- New Interactive Map!