Hire an Attorney

The Texas Bar Association provides a referral system which includes a 30 minute consultation for $20. Contact them at 1-800-252-9690 or 1-877-983-9227. Please specify that you need a divorce attorney in the Bell County area.

Additional resources include the following websites and the yellow pages.


Many people avoid attorneys fearing they are too expensive. Attorney fees vary from firm to firm so don't give up on the idea of hiring an attorney if the first one you call seems expensive. 

Many people who have tried to save money by filing a divorce Pro Se (without an attorney) have ended up spending more time and money than they would have by hiring an attorney from the start. This is especially true for divorces that involve property, retirement, or children.

Should I Hire an Attorney?
Yes. Without the benefit of an attorney, you may not understand your rights with regard to the division of property, child custody, child support, garnishment of wages, and visitation. Research shows that people who re-litigate (go back to court) often do so because they did not fully understand the legal technicalities of the divorce paperwork they created. An attorney can make sure that your rights are protected, that your court order(s) are enforceable, that your paperwork meets all the legal standards necessary, and that you and your ex-spouse clearly understand your rights and responsibilities.

Poverty, Indigence, and Financial Hardships
If you are in need of a divorce attorney but cannot afford one, there are several means available to you. The best local resource is to contact the Legal Aid office and begin the eligibility process. Contact them at 1-800-234-6606 on Monday or Wednesday.

Another resource for low income individuals is www.texaslawhelp.org. The organization has set up a network for low income individuals needing legal services. Minimum access to a computer and the internet is required in order to use their services. After inputting a few details specific to your needs, options and resources will be provided with phone numbers and /or locations.

Public access to a computer and the internet are available at most Public Libraries.