Commissioners Court

Adopt a County Road Program

The Adopt a County Road Program and an Agreement for Litter Pick Up to be used in the program was unanimously approved by the Commissioners Court on August 7, 2017.  A donation of $3,000 was made by Commissioner and Mrs. Russell Schneider to help with expenses for the Program.  The procedure to create an Adopt A Road section is listed below.   For questions please contact the Bell County Judge and Commissioners Office at 254.933.5106 or send an email.

1.  Contact the Precinct Commissioner

2.  Complete the Litter Pick Up Agreement (Return to the Precinct Commissioner)

3.  Place on the Commissioners Court Agenda for approval and signed by the County

4.  Select a 2 mile section of road with the Precinct Commissioner
      (a)  Look for a safe section ( i.e. no curves or steep sections)
      (b)  Look for a safe meeting place for trash pick up day
      (c)  Attach a map of the selected road section to the agreement
5.  The Precinct Commissioner to deliver the new agreement to the County Engineer
6.  The County Engineer to install the program road signs (2 each) at the selection of the 
      road section

7.  The authorized representative of the litter pick up group to coordinate with the County
     (a)  Safety Meetings
     (b)  Safety Vests
     (c)  Safety Temporary Signs
     (d)  Trash bags
     (e)  Trash bag pick up

8.  The Precinct Commissioner to deliver copy of all agreements to the County Auditor's