Police Agency Complaints - Class C Offenses

The updated Complaint Forms for filing Misdemeanor cases in Bell County are available below.  These complaint forms are Class C Offenses.  The forms are listed in Alphabetical order under each specified category.  These forms are in "PDF" format.  If you  do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Quick Link and you will be taken to the Adobe Reader download site.

All agencies must use these new complaint forms.  

Alcoholic Beverage Code
Consume Alcohol on Premises Licensed for Off Premises Consumption 101.72
Consumption of Alcohol by Minor 106.04
Minor in Possession Alcoholic Beverage 106.05
Misrepresentation of Age by Minor 106.07
Education Code  
Disruption of Transportation 37.126(a)
Failure to Attend School 25.094
Parent Contributing to Non-Attendance 25.093
Health and Safety Code  
Allow Dog to Run at Large 822.012
Failure to Abate a Public Health Nuisance 341.012; 341.091
Illegal Dumping 365.012
Minor in Possession of Tobacco 161.252A
No Rabies Tag 826.021
Possession or Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia 481.125
Parks and Wildlife Code  
Create Hazardous Wake or Wash 31.098
Excessive Speed (Boat, PWC) 31.095
Fail to Have Certificate of Number on Board 31.028
Fishing Without Valid License 46.001
Hunt Under the License of Another 42.023
Hunt Without Hunter's Education 62.014(j)
Hunting During Closed Season 62.010(b)
Hunting Without a License 42.002; 42.005; 42.024
Lanyard or Cut-Off Switch Not Attached to Operator 31.106(a)(2)
No/Or Insufficient Life Preservers 31.106
No/Improper Fire Extinguisher on PWC 31.067
Operate Motor Vehicle in Public Riverbed 90.002
Operate PWC Between Sunset and Sunrise 31.016(a)(3)
Operate PWC without Proper Equipment 31.106(a)(2)
Operate/Give Permission to Operate Vessel w/Invalid Registration 31.021
Untagged White Tail Buck 42.018
Untagged/Improperly Tagged Deer 42.018(a)
Violate 50 Foot Rule PWC 31.106(a)(4)
Penal Code  
Assault by Contact 22.01(a)(3)
Assault by Threat 22.01(a)(2)
Criminal Mischief Less Than $50 28.03(b)(1)(A)
Disorderly Conduct 42.01(a)(4)
Disorderly Conduct - Discharge Firearm Across Public Road 42.01(a)(11)
Disorderly Conduct - Expose Anus/Genitals 42.01(a)(10)
Disorderly Conduct - Fighting 42.01(a)(6)
Disorderly Conduct - Language 42.01(a)(1)
Disorderly Conduct - Loud Noise 42.01(a)(5)
Disorderly Conduct - Noxious/Unreasonable Odor 42.01(a)(3)
Disorderly Conduct - Offensive Gesture 42.01(a)(2)
Disorderly Conduct - Peeping Tom (Residence) 42.01(11)
Disorderly Conduct - Peeping Tom (Hotel) 42.01(11)(b)
Disorderly Conduct - Peeping Tom (Restroom) 42.01(11)(b)
Dog Fighting 42.10(a)(6)
Fail to Identify 38.02(a)
Failure to Appear 38.10
Hindering Civil Process 38.16
Interfering w/Railroad Property 28.07(b)(2)(A)
Obscene Display or Distribution 43.22
Open Container - Passenger Area 40.31; 49.04(c)
Public Intoxication 49.02
Reckless Damage or Destruction 28.04
Theft of Property 31.03
Use of Laser Pointers at Police Officer (DC) 42.13