County Attorney - Hot Check Dept

Hot Check Office Procedure

When a check is presented to the Hot Check Office for prosecution, the merchant will fill out a  check receipt, merchant questionnaire, and witness statement (These forms can be downloaded below).  The check will be logged and a search made to see if the check writer has any other hot check offenses pending.  If he/she does, your check will be filed with the criminal cases previously filed in order to expedite your restitution upon prosecution of the check writer.

You may present your check in person to the Bell County Hot Check Department  1201 Huey Road,  Belton, Texas  76513 or by mail to the Bell County Hot Check Department  P.O. Box 1127  Belton, Texas  76513.  Please make sure all forms are properly completed and submitted with checks.

Normally, for first offenders and those with no other checks pending, the hot check writer will be notified both by letter and by a criminal investigator that a criminal case is about to be filed.  Criminal charges will be filed if the check writer does not make restitution, to include a merchant collection fee and costs of prosecution under the Hot Check Fee Act (provided the check meets our policy for prosecution). This may cost the hot check writer up to double the amount of the check. Also, if a criminal case is subsequently filed for failure to pay as required, the hot check writer will be faced with the expense of a fine and court costs!

Do not accept any restitution from the hot check writer after the check has been submitted to the Hot Check Office.

Restitution is sent to the merchant after collection in the order of checks submitted that were written by the hot check writer.  

The Hot Check Office must be notified of any changes of the merchant address.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Manager of the Hot Check Office or me. We will be glad to help you in any way.

Check Receipt Form

Merchant Questionnaire

Witness Statement