County Attorney - Hot Check Dept

Letter to Merchant

The County Attorney's Hot Check Office is a free service to help you get your hard-earned money back from those who would steal with a hot check.  In the last eleven years, the office has returned over $13.3 million to merchants in hot check restitution. 

What does the County Attorney's Hot Check Office do for you?
  • Immediately make contact with the hot check writer to make restitution.  All you have to do is bring us the check;  we do all the work at no expense or effort on your part, including demand letters.  There is no cost to you. 
  • If the hot check writer refuses to cooperate, and you have provided us with a drivers license number and state of issuance of the hot check writer, a warrant of arrest is issued. 
  • In addition to requiring 100% restitution, the law also allows the Hot Check Office to require a $30 per check collection fee on each check, which is also returned to the merchant (other check collection agencies keep that as their fee).
  • Maintains a website at  so that you can make your own search of some 8,000 wanted hot check writers in the Bell County area, as well as download the form you will need to fill out when submitting a hot check for prosecution, with user-friendly instructions. 

  • The Bell County Attorney Hot Check department now accepts Credit Cards at our location.


Bell County's hot check program is recognized throughout the State as one of the best and most aggressive.  This program can be actively maintained because the law also allows the County Attorney to require another fee from the hot check writer for that purpose....with no expense to the taxpayer.  That allows the County Attorney to use non-tax funds to maintain a more efficient operation.

What do you have to do?  Simply establish a consistent policy of properly identifying the person who issues you a check, and by writing the person's drivers license number and state of issuance on the face of the check. Then bring the check to us. That's all; we do the rest.  It has to be said that the County Attorney's Office is a prosecution agency, not a collection agency.  While our foremost emphasis is on restitution, we still have to follow rules of criminal procedure.  As a result, there may be some situations when we are unable to prosecute on a check for legal reasons. 

Please check with our Hot Check Office for additional information:

  • Belton:  1201 Huey Road (Bell County Justice Center) - (254) 933-5155
I am proud of the valuable service which the Hot Check Office has rendered for Bell County merchants, and we're here to continue that tradition. 

Thank you for your cooperation through the years. 

James E. Nichols
Bell County Attorney