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Marks & Brands Recording

Marks and Brands are recorded in the Official Public Records of Bell County.  Please use the below links for information regarding marks and brands and the form to record at the County Clerk's Office.

Marks and Brands require that registration and recording be pursuant to Agriculture Code, Chapter 144

Agriculture Code Sec. 144.041. MARKS AND BRANDS TO BE RECORDED. (a)  Each person who owns cattle, hogs, sheep, or goats shall record that person's earmarks, brands, tattoos, and electronic devices with the county clerk of the county in which the animals are located.

Marks and Brands registered and recorded between August 31, 2011 and August 31, 2021 will expire August 31, 2021 and require re-recording.

Agriculture Code Sec. 144.044  RE-RECORDING: (a) Not later than six months after August 30 of 1981 and of every 10th year thereafter, each person who owns livestock mentioned in this chapter shall have that person's marks and brands recorded with the county clerk, regardless of whether or not the marks or brands have been previously recorded.

August 31, 2021 will start the next re-recording(renewal) registration period at which time, all brands must again be recorded.


Filling Fee: 

Records Mgmt Fee (LGC 118.0216)

Courthouse Security(LGC 291.008)


Brands - 1 registration form per location





For Texas Marks & Brands Registration Information, FAQ's and  Marks and Brands Registration Form, click the below link:

For Texas statues regarding the recording of Marks & Brands, click the below link:
Texas Agricultural Code 144.041