County Court at Law 2

Coordinator Memorandums

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Date: To: Title:
01/16/2015  County Attorney's Office,
 Defense Attorneys,
 Bail Bond Companies
Class 'C' - Driving While License Invalid Cases
01/06/2015  County Attorney's Office,
 Defense Attorneys, 
 Bail Bond Companies
Docket Call Schedule
08/13/2014  Defense Attorneys Defendants Pleading to Probation
12/13/2013  Defense Attorneys, Prosecuting
Jail Pleas
10/29/2013  Attorneys Dockets
05/28/2013  Defense Attorneys Attorney Jail Dockets
04/26/2013  County Attorney's Office,
 Bail Bond Companies, and
 Practicing Attorneys
Amended Local Rules
10/16/2012  Defense Bar Prosecutors Attorney Jail Docket Form Memo