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Protecting Children Online

Do you know who is talking to your children on the Internet?        EN ESPAÑOL
Do you know what websites your children visit?

Knowing the places and people your children "visit" online is just as important as knowing their friends and the places they go in the real world.  Unless you know at your child is doing in cyberspace, he or she could be in danger.  Every minute of the day, children are solicited and victimized online.

Predators are relentless in their pursuit of children.  To combat Internet crimes against children, we must work together because the responsibility to protect children belongs to all of us.

The Bell County District Attorney's Office is working with law enforcement, to keep parents informed on how to protect children on the Internet.  Our goal is to reduce online victimization, increase the level of reporting of criminal activity, and provide resources for families to help them guard against Internet dangers.

Become involved.  The most important and effective way to protect children online is parental involvement and supervision.  Your children need both to travel safely through cyberspace.

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