146th District Court Docket Setting Schedule

Jury Trials are set on Monday of every week except for the 4th week of the month.  Pre-Trials for jury trials are set the Friday before the jury trial is set.  If there is a holiday on Monday of a jury week then the jury trial is set on Tuesday.

The 4th week of the month is the Non-Jury week.  Civil Non-Jury trials are set on Monday of that week.

Family Law cases are set on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the Non-Jury week at 9:00 a.m.

Family Law cases for all other weeks of the month are set on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

Civil Litigation cases are heard on Fridays.

Special settings that require more time than most cases are set depending on the court's docket.  You will need to contact Joanna Staton to set any special settings for the 146th District Court.

All requests for contested docket settings must be done in writing.  You may call to check the courts availability prior to sending your written request.

***All settings are subject to jury trials set.***