Bell County District Courts

Court Hearings - Livestream Links

To view the Livestream of the District Court Hearings, click on the case link below.
In order to view the streams anonymously, in the section that says 'Type your name here', type the word 'public'.

27th District Court

All 27th District Court Settings will be heard live in the courtroom.


146th District Court

All court proceedings are being held Live in 146th District Court.

Friday, Sept 17, 2021

146 318625 US vs Guzman 9/17 1:30 pm

146 325953 White 9/17 at 9:00 am

169th District Court

All District Court settings for September 17th will be heard in the 169th courtroom except for the following:

305,321-C Wetzel vs. Hullinger 9/17/21 at 9:45am

264th District Court

All 264th District Court Settings for September 7th - September 10th will be heard live in the courtroom.


All cases set for hearing in the 426th District Court will be heard live, in person,  in the courtroom