Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2


Once a citation is issued, an appearance is required to the court on or before the appearance date listed on the citation.  Telephone calls DO NOT constitute an appearance to the court. There are 3 options available below.

1.  Plea guilty or no contest and pay the ticket.  Pay online (http://bell.go2gov.net)
     or over the phone with a credit/debit card; or mail a cashier's check or money order to
     the court along with the plea form below:
                  General Plea Form

2.  Request the Driver's Safety Course.  Please refer to the driver's safety course
      form.  Submit the form below on or before the appearance date to be eligible for
      the driver's safety course.                                 

                  Drivers Safety Course Form
                  Drivers Safety Course Form (School Zone Offense)

       Citations not eligible for the driver's safety course option:

  • Speeding 25 or more miles over the posted speed limit
  • Speeding 95 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit
  • Offense occurred in construction zone with workers present
  • Passing a school bus
  • Failure to stop and remain at the scene after an accident involving damage to a vehicle
  • Failure to give information and render aid after an accident resulting in injury or death of a person or damage to a vehicle
  • If the person holds a CDL license (Commercial Driver's License)
  • Are non-military and possess an out-of-state driver's license

3.  Plea not guilty.  Submit a written plea of not guilty to the court on or before the 
      appearance date listed on the citation.  Use the form below to request a trial by
      judge or trial by jury.  Please list a correct mailing address and phone number,
      as the court will notify by mail, the date and time of the court setting.  The form
      must be submitted on or before the appearance date or an appearance bond will
      have to be posted.  Contact the court to inquire about the amount of the
      appearance bond.  The court may require an appearance bond to be posted on
      any case. 

                   General Plea Form

Additional Information that may or may not be relevant to a specific citation:

Juvenile Defendants
  • A juvenile is defined in the Transportation Code as 16 years old or younger.
  • Juveniles are required to appear in court to enter a plea to the Judge.
  • A parent/guardian must appear with the Juvenile.
  • The court will send a letter to the parent/guardian to inform them of the court date and time.

Alcoholic Offenses (involving minors)
  • A minor is defined in the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code as 20 years old or younger.
  • A minor is required to appear in court to enter the plea to the Judge.
  • A minor 17 years old or younger must have a parent/guardian appear with them.
  • The court will send a letter to the minor or the minor's parent/guardian (depending on the age) to inform them of the court date and time.

NOTE:  Legal Representation.
Every defendant has the right to be represented by counsel in all proceedings before this court.  If an attorney is hired, please have them submit a Letter of Representation to the court.  The court will notify the defendant and the attorney of all court settings.