Career Choices with Bell County Sheriff's Department

To apply for a job with us, please go to this job board link to peruse what is open at this time.

Correctional Officer begins $38,485.00/year
 Deputy begins $46,779.00.00/year
Communication Specialist $29,635.00/year
Animal Control Officer $30,668.00.00/year

Education Incentive:
        Associates or 60 hours - $90.00/month
        Bachelors or 120 hours - $120.00/month

Proficiency Certificates
                                     Jailer Intermediate - $25.00/month                 Deputy Intermediate - $60.00/month
                                     Jailer Advanced - $40.00/month                        Deputy Advanced - $75.00/month
                                     Jailer Master - $60.00/month                              Deputy Master - $100.00/month

                                                 SWAT - $35.00/month                                        FTO - $100.00/month

For detailed information on Sick, Vacation, Holiday Pay, Longevity, Workmen's Comp, Group Insurance & Retirement, see this link. We have accrued overtime and comp time options.

Holidays are designated by the Commissioner's Court each year and you can find the current list here.