Citizen Complaints

The Bell County Sheriff’s Department is amenable to citizen complaints concerning its personnel as a means to correct undesirable behavior in order to improve service to the community. The Sheriff's Department is equally concerned about protecting its personnel from the consequences of wrongful accusations and taking enforcement actions against those who falsely make accusations.

Texas Law requires that complaints against law enforcement employees be in writing and signed by the complainant (Texas Local Government Code 614.022). Furthermore, the employee must be given a copy of the complaint within a reasonable time period after the complaint is made.
(Texas Local Government Code 614.023).

A complaint form may be obtained in person at the Bell County Sheriff's Department or as a download from this site. Complaint forms may be delivered in person or mailed to: 

The Bell County Sheriff’s Department
104 South Main Street
Belton, Texas 76513 

Your complaint will be investigated in the most expeditious way possible and with the utmost integrity.

Complaint Form