Vacation Watch

Vacation Watch is a service provided by the Patrol division of the Bell County Sheriff's Department.  If you would like to place your residence on house watch, please fill out the following form and we will call and confirm your request within 72 hours.  You may also call our offices at 254-933-5412.  This service is for rural homes not located within city limits.  If you return home before the specified time on the form, please call and inform us.

  *Last Name:  
  *First Name:  
  *Phone Number:     (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
        *Street Address:  
  *Residence Description:
(Ex: Red Brick, White Door)
  *Emergency Contact Number:     (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
  *Date Departing:    (mm/dd/yyyy)
  *Date Returning:    (mm/dd/yyyy)
  *Notes to Deputies:
(Ex:"Pets are at home, lawn
maintenance people, etc.")