Communications Center 9-1-1

Support Services

The Support Services Director is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the Bell County Communications Center (Center) Support Services Division according to the strategic direction set by the Regulatory Board of Operations (RBO) and approved by the System Board of Directors. The Director of Support Services guides the development of the Center Support Services Division; identifies, assesses, and informs the Executive Director of internal and external issues that affect Center’s Support Services Division and fosters effective team work between the Support Services Division and the Operations staff they serve.


Information Technology (IT)

The Information Technology department is responsible for the administration, management, and development of technical systems used internally and externally by public safety agencies.  This includes designing and implementing information systems and networked software architectures that support Bell County public safety communications systems.


Quality and Development (Q/D)

The Quality and Development department (commonly referred to as Training) is responsible for the recruitment and selection of qualified candidates, the successful training and development of personnel, the accuracy of Standard Operating Procedures, as well as the Center’s adherence to rules, regulations and industry standards. 
The Q/D staff evaluates the performance of the Center’s personnel based on defined metrics and will then formulate strategies for improvement and work with the appropriate leadership staff to develop improvement plans for implementation.