CSCD (Adult Probation)

Most Wanted

Bell/Lampasas Counties 
Community Supervision and Corrections Department

October, 2020


If you have any information regarding these individuals, please call the Bell County
Sheriff's Office at 254-933-5400, your local law enforcement, or CRIMESTOPPERS
AT 1-800-729-TIPS (Local 526-TIPS) 

B. RENDON (2) E. HARRIS (2) G. ALLEN (2)
 Rendon, Belinda Ann  Harris Sr., Ervin Eaddy  Allen, George Nathaniel
 DOB:  10/27/1981     5'4''   DOB:  10/29/1980    5'8"  DOB:   07/06/1978   6'3'' 
140 lbs     W/F  240  lbs     B/M  170  lbs     B/M
 BRO  Eyes   BRO  Hair  BRO Eyes    BLK  Hair  BRO  Eyes    BLK Hair
 Cause #80997-Poss CS PG      1 >=4G<200G

 Cause #73909 - Man Del CS PG 1>=4G<200G
 Cause #75968- Poss CS PG 1<1G
 LKA:  Troy  LKA:  Killeen  LKA:  Temple  
 K. WALDON - Copy - Copy L. LEARY (2) L. LINDSEY (2)
 Walden, Kristopher Case  Leary, Latanya M  Lindsey, Leslie
 DOB: 11/30/1975   5'11"  DOB: 07/05/1979  5'7''  DOB: 10/09/1954    6'5"
 150 lbs    W/M  135 lbs     B/F  180 lbs     B/M
 BRO  Eyes   BRO Hair  BRO  Eyes   BLK Hair  BRO  Eyes   BLK Hair
 Cause #80242 - Poss CS PG 1<1G
 Cause #69803 - Poss CS PG 1>=1G<4G
 Cause #79171 - Unl Poss Firearm by Felon
 LKA:  Temple  LKA:   Killeen  LKA:   Temple

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