Capital Improvement Projects

2018 Annual Work Plan

The 2018 Annual Work Plan lists projects by precinct, location, and defines cost estimates for items of construction.  This is a list that the Engineer and Road and Bridge Department uses to schedule roadway maintenance and improvements.  Projects are selected based on need and subject to budget constraints.  This is a a plan for future work.  This plan is updated and reviewed by the Commissioner's Court each year.


 2018 Seal Coat Program

Seal Coating our roads is routine maintenance and necessary to preserve our existing infrastructure.  Approximately 50% of this year's budget is spent on level up and seal coating our roads.  Seal coating  season is between May and September while temperatures are hot. sealcoat

What is a seal coat or chip seal?  It is the application of an asphalt layer on an existing pavement followed by a layer of aggregate "chips".  The treatment is then rolled to embed the aggregate into the asphalt binder.

Why do we place a chip seal?  It is a cost effective method to preserve pavements in good to fair condition.  It is much like routinely painting your house or changing your vehicle's engine oil in order to extend its useful life.  Chip seals are normally performed every 7 years to extend the life of roads.

What can I expect?  Bell County will erect traffic warning signs and sweep the road to prepare the surface for the chip seal.  The asphalt and rock will be applied and rolled during daylight hours. Flagmen will be positioned to protect workers and prevent damage to your vehicles.  The crew will leave the materials in place for approximately a week to allow embedment of the rock. Some loose rock is expected while the asphalt cures.  We urge people to drive slowly on the tender seal to prevent asphalt from splattering on vehicles.  The final brooming will remove the loose rock from the road, and joint paper will be picked up.  We normally use a pick up broom for loose aggregate in residential neighborhoods.