Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1.  Can I build my home in the Flood Plain?
Though building in the flood plain is discouraged, it is possible provided certain minimum elevations are obtained and you are not in what is termed the "flood way."  Bell County does not permit any development in the "flood way."  If you want to see the Flood Plain maps (Flood Insurance Rate Map), you mayvisit the County Engineer's Office or the FEMA web site at http://fema.gov/hazard/map/index.shtm.

2.  How can I get a driveway pipe/culvert installed?
If you are moving into the county and find you need a driveway culvert, you may contact the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.  Tell them you want a driveway culvert installed.  They will ask you for the address or location, and ask you to mark the exact location at which you want the pipe.  We will send someone out to determine the correct size and this information will be forwarded to you.  You are responsible for obtaining the properly sized pipe of culvert.  Once you have the pipe on site, you will need to notify this office and we will schedule the installation.  The County will place gravel over the culvert and up to the property line.  We will not go beyond the property line with gravel.  If you want a paved driveway, you will have to arrange for that on your own using contractors in the area.

3.  I have water standing in the ditch in front of my property; what can the County do?
You need to call the Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275 and explain the problem, give them the address and location.  We will send someone out to review the situation.  If we can solve the problem by working in the County's right of way, we will, when it can be scheduled and weather/conditions permitting.  If the problem is outside the right of way, on private property, we are limited as to our ability to respond.  We may perform limited work outside of our right of way if there is a clear danger that the road may be damaged.  We cannot, however, go on to private property to perform work that benefits only one, or a few landowners/homeowners.  There has to be a public benefit.

4.  Is there a County landfill?
No.  The County no longer operates a landfill.  The only operational landfill in Bell County is the City of Temple landfill.  You should call them to get the specifics regarding acceptance of waste and costs.  The location is 706 Landfill Road, Temple.  The telephone number is (254) 778-6292.  The City of Killeen operates a transfer station located south of town on SH 195.  The telephone number is (254) 634-7648.

5.  Who do I call if I think a Stop sign or speed limit is needed on a road?
You need to call the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.  We will perform a traffic analysis or speed study and, if warranted, the proper traffic control device will be installed after conducting the required public hearing and approval of the Commissioners' Court.  If the road is a State-maintained road, you will have to contact the Texas Department of Transportation, Belton Area Office, at (254) 939-3778.

6. If I notice that there is a particular section of county road or intersection at which there are numerous accidents, who should I call to try and correct the problem?
Again, the County Engineer's Office is the correct place to call at (254) 933-5275.

7.  If I notice that a traffic control or street name sign is missing, who should I call?
Again, call the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.  If you notice the problem on a weekend or holiday, or after normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays), please call the Bell County Sheriff's Office at (254) 933-5400 or the 9-1-1 Communications Center.

8.  I want to sell of a piece of my property, what do I need to do?
First, look at the County's Subdivision Regulations located on this website.  If your question isn't answered there, or if you are confused by what you read, please call the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.

9.  Illegal Dumping?
The dumping of tires and trash in the County right of way is illegal - whether or not there is a "NO DUMPING" sign.  If you see a pile of trash or tires in the right of way, please notify the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.  We will try to determine the culprit, notify the Sheriff's Office, and remove the trash or tires.  Please note that we cannot remove trash from private property.  We are prohibited by law from performing work on private property.

10.  If I have property on which someone has collected old tires, what can I do with them?
The County has committed to conducting waste tire collection events.  In 2007, there were two such events:  Heidenheimer and Belton.  In 2008, there will probably be two more.  One in Killeen, in April, and another on the east side of the County, probably in Heidenheimer, in the Fall.  More events will be conducted and you can find out when and where by calling the County Engineer's Office or your County Commissioner.

11.  Fighting Fires?
If you think that you observed Road and Bridge vehicles and equipment at the site of a grass or range fire, you probably did!  Road and Bridge personnel and equipment are available to help fight or contain grass/range fires in the County when requested by the County Fire Marshall.  Our personnel who may be called upon to help in these events have received training from the Forest Service.

12.  Dead animals in the roadway?
If you observe a dead animal in the roadway please contact the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.  We will try to get the carcass removed the same day.  Please note that we do not perform this service on weekends or holidays, or after normal work hours.  Don't wait any longer than necessary to report the body.  You can't imagine how foul dead animals can become after only a few hours.  When they have become bloated, it may be necessary to bring out equipment to pick them up and bury them.

13.  Water Pollution?  Illicit Discharges?
If you observe the discharge of water, oil, paint, etc., into the road ditches, streams, or any other body of water in the County please call the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.  We will investigate and report and such discharge to the appropriate authority:  the Bell County Health District or the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  The County has no enforcement authority in such events and if we cannot obtain voluntary clean up and compliance with known regulations, it will be reported to those who can enforce the environmental laws.