Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Illicit Discharge- Any discharge to a municipal separate storm sewer that is not entirely composed of stormwater, except discharges pursuant to this general permit or a separate authorization and discharges resulting from emergency fire fighting activities.

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Illegal Dumping- Illegal dumping is the disposal of waste in an unpermitted area, such as a back area of a yard, along stream bank, or at some other off-road area. Pouring liquid wastes or disposing of trash down storm drains can also qualify as illegal dumping.

Illegal Dumping costs us money!

Illegal dumping is a growing problem in cities and counties.  The cost to dispose of old tires and debris in the landfill has led to dumping in remote locations of our right-of-ways.  The cost to pay a tire recycler is approximately $2 for an auto tire, $12 for a large truck tire, and up to $27 for a tractor tire.  Our County maintenance crews pick up the old tires from the right-of-way and bring them into our yard for proper disposal using a collection recycling service.

Brooking tiresOn March 8, 2012, a citizen reported 45 tires dumped on Brooking Rd in Precinct 4.  The total estimated cost to dispose of these tires was $674 that included the labor, equipment, fuel, and disposal fees.  We have picked up 100 tires on Highcrest Rd, 30 tires on Lindermann Rd, 60 tires off Knob Creek Rd, and 25 tires off South Pea Ridge Rd since April 11, 2012.  It is frustrating to see our taxes going toward cleanup efforts of the citizens who are doing this.

Each year, Bell County has a tire collection event in Heidenheimer, TX.  We pay a recycling company to properly haul and recycle the old tires citizens bring to us.  It is an effort to minimize illegal dumping on our road system. Our most recent event was held on April 27-28, 2012.  A semi trailer was almost filled with approximately 830 tires.  We ask people to consider discarding the old tires at events like this when the opportunity exists.  If you see someone illegally dumping tires, report it promptly to our Sheriff.