Here is a sample of some of our emails and letters that we received.

8-7-12 by email

Good Afternoon Commissioner Cortese

I just wanted to pass along these photos of the poor resurfacing job that was done in Woodland Point.  I am not a road expert, but this looks as though it was really poorly done. The tar coated rock material has ended up all over my garage and in my home leaving black spots on my carpet. I also have black tar tire marks on my driveway now. They have stuck in my dogs paws which I have to end up picking out, and taking him for a walk is out of the question.

The recent high temps have only made things that much worse (keep in mind it was never done right in the first place) as the tar heats up and makes a sticky mess.  You would have thought anyone putting down road surface in Texas heat would have already discovered this problem.

You will notice in the pics the road surface is especially bad where turning of wheels occurs and breaks the rock material loose and has just left a tar coated undercoat. For the most part you can't even take a walk around the block without having tar coated road material stuck to your shoes.  It would seem we have the same situation as a few years ago when the wrong type of rock surfacing material was used and the road had to be redone.  Is there anything that could be done from your end to help this problem.

Thanks again.
Phil Krawczynski
Belton, Tx


There is nothing that I could say to comfort or convince the gentleman concerning the results of the chip seal on the roadway.  The flushing condition is a result of extremely hot Texas weather and not due to poor quality materials or workmanship.  It was 104 degrees yesterday and we are in the hottest part of summer.  This problem is temporary and will stabilize when weather cools down.  We will place the subdivision on our list to watch for bleeding.  We will occasionally place grit on the areas to minimize the conditions for local citizens.

We have attempted to seal coat our roads every 7 years to preserve the road surface.  Seal coating flexible pavements is an economical method to preserve good roads and is practiced world-wide.  Neglecting to perform maintenance in subdivisions just to avoid temporary inconveniences for residents will lead to very costly repairs and generate even more complaints at a future date.  We take special care in subdivisions to inform the residents of the purpose of the work, when it will take place, and what they can expect.  We promptly pick up debris and strive to leave the neighborhood neat. 


Dear Commissioners,         

Please excuse this handwritten note as I no longer have a typewriter.  I have no motive than appreciation of one of your departments, that Engineers Office and County road department, in writing this letter.

Last weekend, vandals damaged about either street signs that tell the motorist the name of the streets in the Hidden Springs Subdivision. From time to time someone runs over a regulation sign and the above department, when notified, makes a prompt repair!  Incidentally, I’m writing your board on behalf of the Homeowners Board out here. (POA).

Last Friday night or early Saturday morning person or persons unknown severely damage at least eight street signs! Vandalism at its worst!  Each of the signs was either completely destroyed missing or partly damaged!   For instance, the street where I live had the pole knocked down and the street sign itself taken and missing. This was discovered Saturday morning as well as the other signs.

I called the (your) Engineer’s office on Monday July 30 and was told someone could be out to fix the signs Tuesday which surprised me on the promptness and promise of the repairs. They apologized they couldn’t make repair that day. Astonishingly, by 10:00 am Tuesday most of the signs were repaired!!! I thought they would need to order or make new signs! Repairs were accomplished in an amazingly short period of time. This is the greatest government office and crew I have ever dealt with in my 72 years!

On behalf of the Board out here, we wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the unbelievably short and prompt turn around on making repairs.  It is a real inconvenience not to have street signs in a subdivision to guide visitors delivery person, UPS, etc. in finding a person home or residence.  

You may be used to receiving written compliments but service at this level needs to be recognized and appreciated! Thanks for such an excellent department and the recent road repairs to the streets! Good government is greatly appreciated!!

Sincerely Yours,

Louie Walrath

Salado-  Board Member POA Homeowners  

Dear Sir, 

We received your letter and appreciate your positive comments.  Our office staff taking the calls and preparing the work orders were Penny Ward and Aaron Lykins.  The sign men responsible for repairs in the field were Justin Roberts and Heath Martin.  They work hard to give citizens excellent customer service.

 They repaired and replaced 10 signs that were damaged over the weekend.  There are two signs we are waiting to replace since the name signs were not in inventory.

 I will share your letter with the department.  Call us anytime you see a need for road maintenance on your County Roads. 

 June 12, 2012


I live at River Oaks Estates north of Troy, Texas off of Hwy 81 and next to Elm Creek. Could we possibly get a new bridge over Elm Creek that would be a two-lane bridge? Years ago we hardly saw a car as we left River Oaks but now the traffic is horrendous because of the schools. I have actually had to back off the bridge to let a car go over the bridge...

 The busses coming from the schools loaded with children cannot go over the bridge for two reasons, I am told. Reason#1 is that the bridge won't bear the load and #2 is the one lane bridge because it is too treacherous to sit in the road waiting your turn.

 Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

 Ann Legan- Troy, Texas

 Ms. Legan

 You wrote earlier this month about the one-lane bridge on Old 81. I brought the issue to the attention of the Commissioner Lange. We feel that it may be a candidate for replacement in the future. Our capital projects for this year have been approved, so it must be considered in the list of projects next year. You will have a new County Commissioner for Precinct 3 at that time. I will make him aware of your request and he will be able to determine if it is a priority.


Mr. Neaves,

As a resident that lives on Pritchard Road, I am formally requesting that our road be reviewed so that adequate signage will be considered to be installed in two particular parts of our road. 

 First change that I would like to see is a reflective sign to be put up on the part of the road that curves.  In October of 2011, a young lady crashed her car into a tree.  Although I do not know if this would have spared her life, I do think that a reflective sign warning of the upcoming curve in the road is necessary.  When one is driving at a high velocity of 50 mph on a rural road at night, it is imperative to alert drivers so that they can diminish their speed and be aware.

 Second change that I would like see is one related to the most recent and unfortunate incident that involved three people who lost their lives.  The intersection of Pritchard Road and US 190 is surprisingly a busy intersection.  [When it was formed, it was made to connect both ends of Pritchard Road.  In essence made this ‘offset’ or made it not parallel when driving north.  This is understandable as previous roads were incorporated.  However, when drivers cross the road, they have to ‘hug’ or stay close to the right side of the median almost facing oncoming traffic.  (Especially when the weeds impede our view.)]  Many people are either unfamiliar with our road or are unaware of the new construction that has occurred.  Some people are surprised by the stop sign ahead or assume that US 190 is still just one lane of traffic (going two ways like it used to be) especially at night, and assume that they have arrived to the other side . I know that there is a sign indicating that an upcoming stop sign in coming, however as an extra precaution, I think that ‘bumps’ in the road alerting drivers of upcoming stop sign is important.  With the recent lives lost, I think that it would be a minimal investment of our tax dollars.  Especially if it could possible prevent further catastrophes. 

 Recently, a young man had an accident on our road that damaged his car and the neighbors fence.  Thankfully he was fine.  Things happen all too often and I am certain that there are measures that you can take that I am not aware of (flashing lights, speed humps, etc) but without having knowledge of the options, this is my way of reaching out to you so that you can further investigate, evaluate and ensure the safety of all drivers.  I appreciate your time and consideration.


Connie Sisneros

Ms. Sisneros,

I visited the site this morning and discussed your requests on the telephone.  I agreed to install some curve warning signs on the southern end of Pritchard Rd.  Also, we will install advanced warning signs (stop ahead) at the approach to 190.  I will install audible strips on the southern approach.

Attached is the work order for the assigned crew.