Projects of the Department

2017 Highlights of the Year

Seaton Road Bridge widening- widen a 20' wide concrete pan girder bridge to 30' wide.  Bridge was widened and rail was installed.  Bridge was 120 feet long.

2-9-17 Seaton

2014 Highlights of the Year

Indian Creek Culvert- Total rehab and installation of 8'x 6'-3 barrel culvert

Cen-Tex Loop Culvert- Total rehab and installation of 8' x 6' '- 3 barrel culvert
Centex Lp-1CenTex Box-2

Donahoe Road Culvert- installation of 4- 8'x8'x28' box culvertDonahoe  smDonahoe pipes-1

Camp Creek Road- Rehab and construct new roadway section.
Indian Creek Road- Rehab and construct new roadway section. 
Lutheran Church Road- Rehab and construct new roadway section.
Harber Road- Rehab and construct new roadway section.
Harber-curve road

2012 Fox Rd - Road and Bridge crews removed and constructed a new concrete box culvert in Precinct 2.  The old concrete culvert was old and delaminating.  Right-of-way was purchased on one side and the roadway was widened during the construction.  Photos show stages of the construction performed by the Bridge Crew and the Construction Crew.

Fox   a