Right of Way Projects

Project Strip Maps

Harber Road, Pct 1,  Lindermann N. to Hackberry, approx. 4 miles

Proposed Harber Road ROW strip map

 Potential Surveying Contracts



Scope of Work

Number parcels


Wilson Branch 

Install new bridge 

Approx. 3 parcels

 Royal Road

Drainage channel/structure improvement 

 Approx. 3 parcels


Gann Branch Road

Reconstruct and Pave existing roadway. Obtain additional ROW where needed. RPLS required to prepare deeds.

4 parcels


Chaparral Rd

Improve curves at Pct Line. ROE, Prepare deeds (Pending letters of agreement status)

3 parcels


Old Hwy. 81 

Realign road and construct a new bridge at Big Elm Creek to replace one lane bridge. RPLS required to prepare deed.

1 parcel 

Bell County Thoroughfare Plan (2001-2025)

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