Subdivision Regulations

Bell County Commissioners adopted the Subdivision Regulations in 2001 and it applies to all subdivided land in the rural areas of the county.  The County Engineer is responsible for the review of plats and land development issues.  There is no fee for submission of plats in the County.

Developers must check carefully to determine if the property is located within the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of a nearby city.  If the property is located inside the City Limits of a municipality, there is no review performed by the County.  However, if the property is in the ETJ, the City and the County will simultaneously review a plat.  The plat will require the subdivision to be accepted by both entities.  Bell County will be the only review if the property is located outside the ETJ.

Smaller municipalities may have ETJs but do not review plats in those areas.  The Cities of Troy, Nolanville, Morgan’s Point, Holland, Bartlett, Rogers, and Little River-Academy do not review plats in their respective ETJs.  Bell County will review the plat and approve the development based on our regulations.

General Requirements for Plats

Bell County requires a plat for subdivided property with any resulting tract under ten acres.  There are exemptions such as sale to a family member, veteran loans, sale to a neighbor with proper access to a public road, and agricultural uses.  You should consult the County Engineer’s Office or review the Subdivision Regulations for details.

Resulting lots are required to have a minimum of 50’ of frontage on a dedicated public road.  Plats require the review and certification by the Bell County Health District if sanitary sewer is not available.  That office may be contacted at (254)-778-7557.

Processing a plat

Plats are submitted to the County Engineer’s Office located at 206 N. Main in Belton, TX.  The review may take as long as ten working days.  We use a Plat Review Checklist to determine is the documentation is complete.  Construction plans and drainage calculations are required when streets are proposed.  A summary of design criteria is available by clicking this link.  The reviewer’s comments are returned to the developer and changes are made.  If the plat is in the ETJ of a major city, our comments are submitted to the planning department, also. 

Once the developer makes the changes, the revised document is returned and checked for compliance.  The developer is notified to prepare a set of plats and to obtain signatures required on the sheets.  Bell County requires a minimum of 5 sheets.  Two Mylar and at least three paper sheets. These are examples of Final Plats with Roads, Raw Land Plat, and an Amending Plat.

The County Engineer will schedule the plat for Commissioner’s Court which meets each Monday.  Complete plats submitted by noon on Wednesday will be scheduled for approval at Commissioner’s Court the following Monday.  The County Engineer will present the plat to the Court and recommend it for their approval.  The County Judge will sign the plat once the Court accepts it. 

The County Engineer will retain two sheets of the plat for his file and 9-1-1.  The developer will get the remaining documents and file the plat with the County Clerk’s Office at the Justice Center located on Loop 121 in Belton, TX.