Utility Installation

Utility Companies need to submit construction plans or sketches for utility installations within the County right-of-way.  There are applications available at the County Engineer’s Office or online. There are no fees for the Utility Installation Application.

You may download the Utility Installation Application form in (pdf) or (Word) format.  Please complete the form giving accurate information concerning the size and type of utility, the location of the project, specifications including depth and backfill requirements, start date, and contact information.  Small projects need to have a sketch showing the plan and profile of the proposed utility.  Larger projects usually include a set of plans.  The application, construction drawings, and a traffic control plan are then submitted to the County Engineer’s Office for review.  We accept electronic files.

util6The office reviews the application within one week of submittal.  The reviewer checks for proper specifications and contacts the utility owner if concerns are raised.  Typically we require paved roads and driveways to be bored while gravel surfaces may be open cut.  It is the utility owner’s responsibility to check for other utilities before submitting the application to prevent conflicts or changes in the construction drawings.

The approved application is returned to the utility owner with any amended specifications.  It is important to contact our office 24 hours before actual construction begins.  An inspector will need to have contact information of the contractor or utility owner in case there are unacceptable practices observed.  Typical problems in the past have been poor compaction methods and lack of traffic control devices.

If you have questions about your proposed installation, please contact us at 254-933-5275.