Human Resources

Employee Benefits

Bell County offers full time employees with the following benefits: 
Vacation Leave:  All full-time employees are entitled to annual leave with        
compensation based on the following rules: 
  1.  Temporary, part-time employees, and elected officials shall not accrue annual leave. 
2.  Full-time employees will accrue vacation at the rate of 80 hours (10 days) per year to be taken the following year.  Employees who complete five (5) years of service during a calendar year will be entitled to 120 hours (15 days) of vacation starting January 1 of the next year. 
3.  New employees must complete the year in which they are hired to be eligible for their vacation the next new year (after January 1).  Annual leave for new employees will be accrued in the following manner:
       a.  1st Quarter (Jan., Feb., Mar.)  -  8 days vacation;
       b.  2nd Quarter (Apr., May, Jun.)  -  6 days vacation; 
       c.  3rd Quarter (Jul., Aug., Sept)  -  4 days vacation;
       d.  4th Quarter (Oct., Nov., Dec.)  -  2 days vacation.
4.  Employees who do not take earned vacation days within the year in which he/she has accrued vacation days will lose those days.  
5.  Upon termination, accrued vacation is paid. 

Sick Leave:  Full-time employees (except elected officials) earn sick leave at the rate of five (5) hours per  pay period or up to 120 hours (15 days) per year.  Employees may accrue up to 1080 hours (135 days) sick leave in a year, but can only carry forward 960 hours (120 days) each year.  Upon termination, accrued sick leave is not paid. 

Sick Leave Pool:  All full-time employees with twelve (12) or more months of continuous employment are eligible to become a member of the sick leave pool. Membership is not automatic, and employees must meet the requirements established to become a member. Once a member of the sick leave pool, employees can donate days on an annual basis. 
The purpose of the sick leave pool is to provide additional sick leave days to employees in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury, surgery, or disability that prevents an employee from being able to work.  Sick leave time is approved by a committee, is not guaranteed and must meet the definitions outlined within the plan to be considered. 

Workers' Compensation:  If an employee is injured on the job, workers' compensation is provided by the County.

Longevity Pay:  Full-time employees will be compensated for longevity after one year of service.  Employees will be paid an additional (1/2%) per month. Calculations will be determined off of your base salary.

Group Insurance:  Medical and Dental coverage is available to full-time employees.  Bell County does contribute a portion of the total premium.  Plans can change from year to year.  Coverage is effective the first of the month following 30 days of employment. 

Life Insurance: Life insurance plans are available at the employee's expense.  

Supplemental Insurances: Bell County does offer supplemental coverages such as short term disability, accident insurance, critical illness, etc. These plans are available at the employee's expense. 

Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Account: Bell County does offer a flexible spending account and dependent care accounts that employees are able to contribute pre-tax funds to. This is solely an employee expense, and the County does not contribute to these accounts. 

Retirement Plan:  Bell County is a member of the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS).  Retirement deductions are mandatory and are withheld from employee paychecks at the rate of 7% of gross pay on pretax.  The county provides matching funds according to actuarial projections.  Members are vested and eligible for service retirement benefits if they have accumulated 8 years of credited service and have attained the age of 60, OR their age plus years of service credit equal 75, OR they have 30 years of credited service regardless of their age. 
  • Knowing more about your retirement benefits is always a good thing - these short videos will acquaint both new and seasoned staff with the TCDRS retirement system.  Just follow this link: TCDRS YouTube channel
Holidays:  Varies from year to year and are set by the Commissioners Court.  Please see this list of current holidays