Indigent Health Services

Indigent Cremation

Bell County fulfills its obligation to provide disposition of remains of individuals who die in Bell County and who do not have the financial means to pay for cremation through it's Pauper Cremation services.  Surviving family/friends of the deceased who do no have access to any other burial resources to include but not limited to Veterans Burial Benefits, Life or death benefits insurance, pre-paid arrangements, cash or other assets that can be liquidated, may be eligible for the Bell County Pauper Cremation Program. Funeral Homes in Bell and surrounding counties submit applications on behalf of the deceased's next of kin to Bell County.  Bell County approves eligibility for Pauper Cremation Services based on countable income & assets less than or equal to $750 per month.  The income and assets considered are those of the estate or surviving parent (in the case of a minor child) spouse, or legal guardian after basic living expenses or deducted.  Survivors should contact the Funeral Home of their choice within the Bell County and nearby area to apply for this service.