Counseling Services Unit

Mission Statement:  To provide intervention and specialized skills to youth while presenting opportunities and a supportive environment, to foster more positive behaviors. 

The Counseling Services Unit (CSU) offers services to youth and their families who are on court ordered probation or are formally or informally involved in the juvenile justice system. 

This department provides counseling opportunities for youth and their families and also assists in intervention, assessment, evaluation, and referrals.  The CSU primarily provides counseling services to youth through the facilitation of Intensive Supervision Groups, Anger Management Groups, and Chemical Dependency Groups.

Secondarily, this unit works with students at the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) to assist in developing skills needed to resist negative peer pressure, develop self-esteem, build communication skills, and enhance cooperation and team work skills.

ROPES Experiential Activities and other activities are used to teach students the importance of positive change, community, trust, accountability, and respect for themselves and others.