Adjudicated Secure Facility

The Bell County Juvenile Services Center is a sixteen bed, secure post-adjudicated facility located in Killeen, Texas.  The facility is owned and operated by the Bell County Juvenile Services under the guidance of the Juvenile Board.  The facility is licensed and regulated by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

Programs and Services:

We understand the unique issues that probation departments face when searching for appropriate treatment options.  Our programming was developed based on years of experience placing our own offenders and meeting their individualized needs.  In addition to our commitment to public safety, the staff works tirelessly to provide the children with a continuum of care that involves treatment and transitional services necessary to succeed in their families and communities, while emphasizing parental involvement.

Our services are provided by licensed, accredited and degreed professionals.  Programs include, but are not limited to:

Individualized Assessment
Psychiatric Services Support
Sex Offender Treatment Program
Anger Replacement Training (ART)
Substance Abuse Treatment
Reintegration Programming
Parenting Skills/Parenting
Strengthening Families
Individual Counseling
Educational Services
Medical/Dental Services
Cognitive Behavior Programming

Facility Pre and Post Contact:  Keyon McKinney  -  (254) 618-4234