Intensive Supervision Program (ISP)

The Intensive Supervision Program was developed to provide the post-adjudicated juvenile offender with intense, concentrated, consistent, and regimented supervision.  This program was designed for post-adjudicated juvenile offenders, as well as post-adjudicated juvenile offenders that have been sent to placement and are returning to the community.

The offender will, ideally, spend 90 days in the Intensive Supervision Program.  His or her length of time in the program will be based solely on behavior, compliance, and successful completion of all requirements in the program.

The Intensive Supervision Program consists of three levels.  When the juvenile offender completes all requirements of Level One, he or she will progress to Level Two, and so on, until all requirements in each level have been met.  When the juvenile offender successfully completes all requirements in each level, he or she will be released from Intensive Supervision and placed on regular probation.

ISP Officer contact:  Charles Rice     -  (254) 690-7022
ISP Officer contact:  Brianna Johnson -  (254) 770-6858