Placement Unit

The Bell County Juvenile Services Placement Unit consists of the Federal Title IV-E Program, Placement of children in- and out-of-county, and the After-Care Program.  This unit consists of a coordinator, probation officer(s) who supervise a specialized After-Care caseload, and a technician who specializes in the IV-E placement of eligible youth.

Bell County contracts with a number of residential placements throughout the state, which are licensed and registered with the state of Texas.  The Placement Unit maintains frequent contact with youth and families, including face-to-face visits, to ensure their safety.

The Placement Unit After-Care Program offers juvenile offenders intense, concentrated, consistent, and regimented program supervision.  This program is approximately ninety days, and must be successfully completed to return to a regular probation program.  The After-Care Program is designed to provide young offenders with the guidance, supervision, and resources they require to help them reform, transition back into society, and allow reunification back into their home.

Placement Unit contact:  Kristi Lloyd   -  (254) 933-5109