Reservist Program

Bell County Reservists

Purpose:  Our primary mission is to provide additional manpower in the event of a mass disaster within Bell County.  We may provide communications support to agencies of Bell County in times of emergency, and for the protection of life and property of the community.  The Bell County Reservist Program is run by the Bell County Office of Emergency Management.  The emergency management (EM) reservists group may also participate in training, or upon requests for assistance, with communications at special functions of Bell County.

Who we are:  This group consists of Amateur Radio Operators, Emergency Medical personnel, Fire Fighters, Storm Spotters, and other volunteers interested in Emergency Management.

Membership:  Active membership or "On-Call" affiliation.

Active members are required to complete the Reservist Registration Application.

On-Call members are those who have volunteered their services for actual functions and emergencies, but have not completed the application and therefore do not possess the reservist identification card.

Meetings:  The Bell County EM Reservists meet monthly on the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month. Additional meetings may be announced, although all are strictly voluntary.   Meetings are normally held at the Bell County Communications Center building located at 708 W. Avenue O in Belton, Texas at 7:00 p.m. in the Emergency Operation Center or in the training room.

If you are interested in joining the Bell County Reservist Program, contact the Emergency Management Coordinator at