Bell County SkyWarn Program

The Bell County SKYWARN™ program is made up of trained weather spotters with a primary goal of providing timely and accurate weather observations to the National Weather Service and our local government agencies in an effort to protect property and life.

Though the Bell County SKYWARN™  program consist mainly of amateur radio operators, emergency personnel such as fire fighters and police officers, and other concerned citizens, anyone can participate in the program.  Those citizens wishing to submit a weather report who do not possess an amateur radio license may email the report to

SKYWARN™ spotters are not by definition "Storm Chasers."  While their functions and methods are similar, the spotter stays close to home and usually has ties to a local agency.  Storm chasers often cover hundreds of miles a day.  The term Storm Chaser covers a wide variety of people.  Some are meteorologists doing specific research or are gathering basic information (like video) for training and comparison to radar data.  Others chase storms to provide live information for the media, and others simply do it for the thrill.

Storm Spotting and Storm Chasing is dangerous and should not be done without proper training, experience, and equipment.

The National Weather Service conducts spotter training classes across the United States.  Click Here for the 2015 Spotter Training Schedule.

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