Attorney Information

The District Clerk's office provides two methods for attorneys to quickly conduct day to day business, including filings, research and copies: On Site or via Electronic Filing. Electronic filing is not available on Criminal matters.

The District Clerk's office is set up to handle your filing needs efficiently through a division of duties. Upon entering the District Clerk's office, filing windows can be found on the left for Criminal filings and payments; and to the right for Civil filings by Pro-se Litigents. To expedite filings and minimize traffic in the main lobby, the District Clerk's office has set up a dedicated window for Pro Se Divorce Litigant filings in the research room. Pro Se filers will be directed to that window to free up the main lobby for attorney inquiries.


Two external windows can be found prior to entering the District Clerk's office. The window on the left is for Adoptions and CPS and the window on the right (to the right of the elevators) is for Child Support Services and Treasurer functions


The District Clerk's office is set up to receive many forms and documents through the State sponsored e-Filing system. For more information on setting up an account with them, visit their website (

If you have one of the following document management systems, you can use it in conjunction with Texas Online to file documents electronically:

  • Case File Xpress

  • Court File America

  • Efile4Court, LLC

  • eLawServices

  • Forms WorkFlow

  • MyFileRunner

  • One Legal

  • ProDoc

There are specific rules that apply to Bell County as it pertains to the use of electronic filing. Please review the local rules.