Child Support

Child Support is a result of a divorce settlement or child custody suit. It is not automatically set up as part of a lawsuit so you are required to set up the Child Support case at the District Clerk's Office directly following the final hearing for a divorce or child custody suit.

If you need to take someone to court for child support, you should hire an attorney, contact the Attorney General's Office, or visit a law library for information on how to file a child support lawsuit.

Although the Child Support case is set up at the District Clerk's Office, Child Support payments are made to and disbursed by the Texas State Disbursement Unit in San Antonio, Texas (

To find out information regarding payments or a payment history, call 800-252-8014. You will need your Member Customer Identification Number (CIN) that was mailed to you from the Texas State Disbursement Unit as part of your initial account setup.

Please review the requirements regarding payments to the Texas State Disbursement Unit to be sure payments are received and processed in a timely manner. (Click here to review the requirements).

The Bell County District Clerk's Office can assist with the following activities: