Payment Requirements

Payment Information
All payments must include the following information:

  • Case/Cause Number (Bell County case number)
  • State Disbursement Unit Case Number (State case number)
  • Payor's (person making payment) Full Name
  • Payee's (person receiving payment) Full Name

If you do not know your State Disbursement Unit (SDU) Case Number, call 254-933-5718 or 254-933-5719 to retrieve the number and/or verify that the case has been properly set up at the State Disbursement Unit office.

All payments MUST be made payable to the child support recipient (payee).

All child support payments are to be mailed to:
PO BOX 659791

Payments that do not have all the necessary information may be held in suspense until such time that the payment can be properly researched and applied to the appropriate case.

You will have multiple Identification Numbers and it can get confusing which ones people are asking for.

  1. Case/Cause Number: number assigned to your lawsuit here in Bell County. Useful when asking about the lawsuit or case in Bell County.
  2. State Disbursement Unit Case Number (SDU Case No.): number assigned to your Child Support Case within the State system.
  3. Member ID: number assigned to each individual person associated to a child support case. This is a State number, not a Bell County number and is used to identify specific people within the State system.
  4. Member CIN (Customer Identification Number ): number assigned to each person (payee and payor) involved in a child support case within the State system. It is used to access child support payment information and history via the website or over the phone. If you call and want to research a payment, this is the number you will be required to enter.

If you are paying on more than one account, provide 2 separate payments for each account with the correct case number for each payment.