Request Employer Withholding

The District Clerk's Office Child Support Department can mail out a copy of the Income Withholding Order to the payor's employer. This is the court document that mandates that an employer withhold appropriate funds from the payor's income and send those funds to the State Disbursement Unit for payment to the payee (person receiving child support).

Print and complete the Withholding Order Request Form and be sure to bring a copy of the actual Income Withholding Order.

It is the responsibility of the person requesting the mail out of the Employer's Withholding Order to be sure that the CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS OF THE EMPLOYER’S PAYROLL OFFICE is provided. If the wage order is returned, you may be required to pay an additional court fee. 

The Child Support Department is located in the Bell County Justice Complex Building. After you have entered the main entrance and gone through the metal detectors, the Child Support window is located to the right of the elevators. The window itself is around the corner.