Civil FAQ

How much is the fee to file a pleading?

What forms of payment is accepted at the Window?

How long does it take to get a divorce?

How do I get service documents issued in a case and how many copies do they need?

Where do I file Civil or Family pleadings?

Can we file County Court at Law pleadings in the District Clerk's Office?

How do I file an Appeal?

What is a paternity case?

How can I have child support payments taken out of my paycheck?

What is my case number?

How do I get my cash or surety Bond back?

Can I file case information after hours?

How do I get a court order?

Do I need a court order to put money in the Court Registry?

Do I need a court order to receive funds?

When can I close my trust account and receive my money?

What do I need to close my trust account?

How do I file an answer when I have been served with a citation?

How do I get a case set or get information on a court hearing?

What do I do about the taxes when a delinquent tax suit has been filed against me?