Court Registry

The District Clerk must maintain a registry of the court to receive payments ordered by the court. In addition to money (such as cash bonds, funds in dispute, or funds held until a minor child reaches 18 years old), the court may also order property to be held in the court's registry.

The funds held in the Court Registry do not belong to the county; rather, they are essentially held in trust by the clerk to satisfy the result of a legal pleading (for example, releasing funds when a child turns 18 years old) or to await the outcome of a legal proceeding.


Funds are held in the Court Registry in accordance with the initial court order. Specific terms of investment and terms for release are defined within this order. The attorney or guardian representing the minor child must select the bank in which the funds are to be invested. Three copies of the judgment and two copies of the Investment Form should accompany this request.

To release these funds, there must be another court order signed by the presiding judge at the time the funds are ready for disbursement (such as, a minor child reaching the age of 18 years old). You may obtain an order to release these funds by hiring an attorney or by going to a law library to obtain information on how to prepare an order.

If you are a party to the case, or an attorney representing a party, a copy of the order can be purchased from the District Clerk's office. Please provide either the case number or the style of the case, original deposit date and bank where the funds are held.

The District Clerk sends periodic statements to the party to the case on fund balance. It is critical to maintain current contact information. Should your address or phone number change, please contact 254-933-5925 or mail a written request to update your case information. Click here to download the change of address form. Mail the information to:

Joanna Staton
Bell County District Clerk
Attn: Court Registry
P.O. Box 909
Belton, TX 76513