Property Taxes are determined, assessed and collected by the Tax Appraisal District ( If a property owner becomes delinquent on their taxes, The Tax Appraisal District may file suit to collect. Should you receive notification that a case has been filed against you, please contact the Tax Appraisal District to learn details of the case, including taxes owed.

Phone Numbers: Belton: 254-939-5841 Killeen: 254-634-9752 Temple: 254-771-1108

The District Clerk's office collects court costs associated with the case only. All other moneys owed will be collected by the Tax Appraisal District. Once court costs have been paid, you must take the receipt issued by the District Clerk’s office to the Tax Appraisal District for dismissal of the case and payment of taxes owed.

The District Clerk's Office does not take personal checks.

For information on Tax Sales, please visit

If property is sold in a tax sale in Bell County and there are proceeds from the sale, this overpayment is referred to as "excess proceeds" and is deposited in the court registry. Upon receipt of these funds, a certified letter is sent to the defendant.

In order to release these funds, there must be a court order signed by the presiding judge.
You may obtain an order to release these funds by hiring an attorney or by going to a law library to obtain information on how to prepare an order.

To verify that our office is holding excess proceeds you must have the "style" for the case (names of the parties of the case) or the case/cause number. With this information you may call the District Clerk's office at 254-933-5925. There is a $5.00 research fee (per name) for this service.